What do we do?

We do embedded engineering. Developing embedded solutions and supporting customers in their engineering projects. Developing solutions and drivers for embedded Linux, real-time operating systems and microcontrollers. We develop tooling and testing environments and support the integration of existing tools, drivers and other software components into customers products.

We do embedded engineering – with all the nuts and bolts.

Why do we know?

We came a long way: from electronics, the early Linux-on-servers days, the 3D graphics, the smartphone hype and the app stores. We have participated in the development of smartphone products, from porting and platform work, all the way to user applications and back again to SOC and FPGA technologies, bare metal ARM code, sensor integration and even programming 8-bit microcontrollers from the 80s.

We do embedded engineering – for more than two decades.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Line noise

  • Rhesus Engineering is partnering with NetTimeLogic
  • Rhesus Engineering is sponsoring the GlobalGamJam at dock18: http://swissgamejam.ch
  • We did a short talk about programming the SNES (side project) at the #VCFE_ZH18 – Here are the slides
  • It was a busy autumn 2018. Rhesus had the honour of being part of an international team of experts to support the creation of an outstanding exhibition
  • Rhesus is DSGVO compliant: No user data is stored. No personalized tracking (your IP is anonymized). No cookies, strong encryption and we are paranoid anyway
  • Rhesus had a short talk at the FPGA-Kongress in Munich about fails with trusted hardware concepts – Here are the slides
  • Rhesus Engineering is partnering with Rocket-Science